Monday, August 2, 2010

iPhone vs. Blackberry

I was previously an avid blackberry user. However much fun the iPhone appeared, I was much to in love with my blackberry curve to part ways with it. I was uncomfortable with the idea of a touchscreen keyboard, an what about my calendars and scheduling?
Ahhhh, enter the world of iPhone bliss. Yes, I did indeed trade by  wine red Blackberry Curve in for an iPhone 3G. I synced my Google calender and my outlook calendar, my contacts are seamlessly moved over with even more attributes to incorporate than ever before.  With programs like fring and eBuddy I can access all my instant messenger contacts from one place rather than bouncing around from program to program.
Before you say 'Blackberry is the only thing for me' open yourself up to evolution and change!!! (And who knows- maybe those rumors about Verizon getting an iPhone too might come true)

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