Wednesday, February 6, 2013

History and Future of Batteries

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The history of the battery stretches much farther back than most modern individuals give it credit for. The first "batteries" in history (that we have found evidence of) date back to nearly 2000 BC and were found in Persia (now Iran). These batteries had little to no resemblance to today's batteries, they were clay pots with copper sheeting and iron bars. Known as the "Baghdad Batteries," these pots put out very little power, and it is thought that these were either used to create sparks that would wow a crowd, or possibly in electroplating, where metals were plated onto other metals.

After the Baghdad Batteries, history is fairly absent of any mention of this technology until the year 1800 when Alessandro Volta invented the "voltaic pile." From Volta's original battery, the technology changed for the past 200 years, bringing us to today's batteries.

Nowadays, battery technology is much more advanced than the simple batteries you find in your local battery store. Newer battery prototypes utilize emerging technologies such as chemical luminosities, plasma energy, irradiated cells, and other forms. Those these technologies are still in their infancy, and can be dangerous and/or expensive, they provide a much higher wattage output and a much longer shelf life. So as these technologies grow, you will surely see them start being stocked on the shelves of battery stores.

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