Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Future of Logistics

Especially with the shake-up about the USPS no longer delivering mail on Saturdays, there is a lot of chatter right now about what the future of logistics and shipping will look like. Some individuals believe that this is a certain sign that the future of shipping will be ruled completely by the giants: FedEx and UPS; while, others believe that this is the push needed for small shipping companies to excel above the bigger corporations and offer more custom solutions to businesses.

Of all the models for how shipping should be structured in the future is Courier Connection, and Atlanta-based courier and shipping company. The wide array of services that Courier Connection has in their arsenal offers businesses in any and all industries to better serve their customers and properly manage their logistics needs.

One such service that sets Courier Connection apart from the competition is their Twilight Services Shipping, which will send documents and packages locally or nationally, and will deliver during the twilight hours -- a benefit for businesses that work in the wee hours.

For a full list of services that Courier Connection offers,and to see for yourself what sets Courier Connection apart from traditional couriers, visit them online at

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